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Invest and grow businesses through trusted partnerships creating sustainable communities.
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We are a bespoke private equity group whose values and culture underpin all our activities.
We leverage our collective experience in ventures, property and investment to create wealth through sustainable communities.

Vitae Capital forms a trusted and collaborative environment to generate ideas, empower leaders and scale businesses to realise full potential.

Connect with us to add value to our communities within which we operate and to improve the lives of those our work impacts.


Born out of passion and purpose, Vitae Capital through its founders, partners and investors adds value to its communities and partners utilising its subsidiaries:

1. Vitae Ventures

2. Vitae Property

3. Vitae Investment

We also provide advisory and governance services to institutions, governments and private sector corporate bodies, on a national and global level.


Businesses play an important role in shaping the communities we live in.

Vitae Ventures collaborates and partners with businesses which have merit and potential to impact the communities in which they operate.

We help businesses grow value, foster and deliver ideas, generate sustainable revenue and wealth.

We provide businesses access to:

  • Capital
  • Corporate guidance
  • Networks
  • Mentorship
  • A trusted environment to grow sustainably

Vitae raises capital for projects to $20m while our enterprise values have the ability to scale up to $100m.

Vitae Ventures is a proud member of the Australian Investment Council as an Early Stage Enabler for operating businesses.


A large portion of our investors’ personal and business wealth is tied to property assets.

Our value add improve the efficient utilisation of assets and assist in strategies to generate uplift.

Areas of specialisation include:

  • Health and education
  • Residential
  • Commercial and mixed use
  • Retail village shopping centres
  • Special purpose
  • Research and Institutional sectors

Properties Vitae Capital has and is currently working with range to $100m in value nationally.


Vitae Capital strength is base on its founders’ extensive network. 

When forming as a group, it was imperative to the founders that our knowledge and our strengths, while diverse, complement one another. 

Similarly, when seeking out investors, we look for cultural alignment. 

We qualify against innovation, social and community values as well as the investor syndicate’s knowledge.

This ensures our proven track record, improvement of return and mitigates risk.  

When considering investments we assess each opportunity on an individual basis.

Compliant Investment Solutions for a Significant Investor Visa (SIV)

The Significant Investor Visa (SIV) was introduced by the Australian Federal Government in 2012. Vitae Capital Investment (VCI) supports High Net Worth (HNW) investors who seek permanent residency via this initiative to drive innovation and contribute to Australia’s economic growth.



Vero Laser: Laser cleaning restoration and surface preparation solutions

CEO: Ben Gunness

Location: Australia-wide

Why: Vitae Technology was established as an innovation accelerator and idea generator by Vitae Capital in conjunction with BGI Group.

Vero Laser is the first commercial entity out of this hub and has a mandate of creating lasting change in Australian industries including defence, marine, industrial and mining. With strong innovation, genuine community and environmental benefits and high growth potential, Vero Laser is an ideal portfolio company for Vitae Capital.

Vitae Capital role: Vitae’s role is as investor, corporate governance and strategic advisor. Vitae have undertaken the strategic framework development, investor corporate governance, financial model development, capital raise, structuring and operational planning.

Outcomes: Active revenue generating business with strong leads from national and multinational clients.


Seven 2 Nine: Bespoke Residential Development

Location: Weetangera, ACT

Why: While Vitae Capital is responding to community need for improved housing choice in established suburbs in the ACT.  We have provided a unique blend of housing options in order to create a variety quality lifestyle.

Vitae Capital role: Vitae’s role is strategic development advisor, including site identification and acquisition, development management, capital raise (debt and equity) and syndicate management.

 Outcomes: Ongoing

 Total Value: $11m


APAC: Private Higher Education Provider

Purpose: Making the world better through performing arts

Interim CEO: Warren Walmsley

Location: Brisbane, QLD

Why: The Australian Performing Arts Conservatory have over 25 years of history delivering performing arts training in Australia.  In implementing its 100 year plan the Conservatory moved into higher education in 2018, becoming a registered Higher Education provider registered by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency to deliver Bachelors Degree qualifications. In 2020, the Conservatory became FEE-HELP accredited and graduated its first cohort of Bachelor degree students.

Vitae Capital role: Vitae’s role is one of investor, corporate governance and strategic advisor.

Outcomes: Achieved registration as a HEP, successfully applied and approved for FEE-HELP accreditation. Successfully relocated to and fitted out a purpose-built facility in Brisbane CBD and increased valuation by 100%.

Total Value: $4m+


SXC: Sustainability certifiers

CEO: Ben Copeman

Location: Nationally

Why: Southern Cross Certified have developed a more economical certification system to allow primary producers, processors and manufacturers to achieve organic certification in Australia.

Vitae Capital role:  Vitae’s role is investor, corporate governance and strategic advisor. Vitae Capital have contributed growth capital to allow SXC to expand business nationally as well as providing ongoing strategic and corporate governance advice through our multiple roles on the advisory board. 

Total Value: $2m+


Location: Ainslie, Canberra

Customer: Xyrakis Family

Why: The Xyrakis family have a long standing history with the Ainslie shopping centre. They have owned and operated businesses within the shopping centre for over 40 years.  The family is now looking at ways to improve the amenity of the precinct with a view to ensuring it meets community demands for the next chapter of 40 years.

Vitae Capital role: Vitae Capital is strategic development advisor and syndicate lead. Vitae Capital are the lead consultant, driving a broader team to provide strategic asset advice, architectural and town planning advice, heritage advice, community engagement and consultation with stakeholders including local government.

Total Value: $50m+


MedCIRC: Holistic rural healthcare 

Location: Regional NSW

Why: Regional Australia struggles with provision of high quality and bulk-billed medical services.  MedCIRC’s vision was to create a multidisciplinary collaborative and integrated approach to rural healthcare.

Vitae Capital role: Vitae Capital acted as investor, property and strategic advisor, and provided corporate governance.

Outcome: Vitae Capital successfully divested its stake in this business for an annualised 25% return on investment.




Co-founder, Vitae Capital | 0417 380 065 | LinkedIn

A highly regarded leader and expert in the property, investment, and construction industry Medy has led teams and $3.0B worth of projects at state and national levels.

Following a successful 25-year career in senior and executive roles, Medy’s founded Haus Holding as a result of his passion for value creation through collaboration and innovation. Through strategic advisory services and investments Medy applies his experience in social enterprise, research, leadership development and wealth creation to deliver on Haus Holdings’ mission.

With a focus to deliver excellence and sustainable, environmental, and financial outcomes Medy continues to build a business and diversified profile in Australia and internationally with Haus Holdings and as the co-founder of Vitae Capital.

Medy’s been working intimately with federal, state and local governments and major national institutions providing strategic advisory, property development, investment, portfolio asset value improvement services. In addition, Medy’s been developing new forms of whole of life innovative project funding and delivery models for use globally.

Medy’s influence and leadership extend past the property, construction, and investment industry sitting on multiple boards contributing to culturally and financially aligned communities and partnerships.


Co-founder, Vitae Capital | 0439 937 976 | LinkedIn

Phillip has spent the majority of his career leading investment governance and management of property, business, technology, and government projects.

More recently he has raised investment funds and represented investors in property syndicates worth over $60m.

Through his business Property Joint Ventures and consulting career with McKinsey, Fujitsu Consulting, PwC, and Shape Consulting, Phillip has a core capability to improve business processes, engage stakeholders, and empower investors through education and exposure to collaborative investment.

With a strong governance focus, analytical capability and passion for change management, Phillip holds integral roles at a range of organisations.


Co-founder, Vitae Capital | 0421 775 989LinkedIn

Daniel has spent his career working across industries including property,  infrastructure, utilities, medical and hospitality.

With a formal background in finance, corporate advisory and business management Daniel has a strong analytical mindset with strong technical modelling skills developed through Terrapin Masterclass and CFA programs.

This allows Daniel to synthesise financial data and make investment decisions quickly.

Daniel has direct experience in capital raising, sell-side and buy-side due diligence, project management, financial feasibility and corporate valuations.

As well as sitting in Director roles with multiple company Boards, Daniel has been responsible for the end to end management of multiple residential property development projects in the ACT and NSW.


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